Friday, December 22, 2017

AJ's DIY Stuff: Episode One: Shower Steamers

What happened to me over the course of three days?

Two days ago on Wednesday I was busy grading midterms exams with all the enthusiasm of a house-elf, hopelessly dreaming of freedom for the holiday. Two days ago I was partaking in the festive fellowship of my colleagues at our Christmas party, enjoying tasty chicken, vegetables, and a few holiday spirits. Two days ago I was singing karaoke in downtown Wheeling, belting out "Dancing in the Dark" while mimicking Bruce's moves for a sparse yet adoring crowd.

One day ago on Thursday I was riding around Wheeling, stopping at Minit Car Wash to make sure the Explorer was minimally clean for Christmas. One day ago I was shopping at Kroger, blindly searching for Arm and Hammer on the wrong side of baking goods aisle. One day ago I was back in downtown Wheeling, picking up my CCHS State Championship gear from Shirts 'n More, then making the short jump to Centre Market for fish sandwiches at Coleman's. One day ago I was fighting sleep in bed, obsessively making Christmas Jib Jab ecards which I continued to send out and post until the early morning.

Today, what was going through my mind as I made shower steamers? What peculiar and deviant voice was speaking to me in my mind, encouraging me to make a video blog about the creation of those shower steamers? What personal issue did I hope to resolve by spending nearly five hours of my Christmas break making the shower steamers then creating this ridiculous video?

What happened to me? Why would I make this silly DIY video about something so bizarre? 

I should have just written a simple blog post. I should have just read a book. Right? Tell me I am right. Naw. Don't do that, please. I LOVED IT! I still do not quite understand what inspired me to do this, but I do know that I had a thoroughly enjoyable time making the steamers and the video! 😜

It is Christmas. The year is drawing to a close, but there are still plenty of days on the calendar, numerous minutes awaiting us all on the clock. Moments still exist to embrace a lost inner child, the kid who wants to enjoy life, the one who revels in the magical spirit of the season we are experiencing. The weary soul in us all who wants to forget about the feverish pace of this world should reward himself with an opportunity to smile and do some crazy stuff.

Merry Christmas to everyone! 
Thanks for reading the blog this year!

Please take a look at my quirky video. I had a blast doing it, and there is a special message for everyone. 

Still missing you.