Hello! I have opened my own Etsy store!
Click the image above to go directly there!

I am always so happy when anyone wants to buy one of my books. I am thrilled that I have written something a person wants to read. I just wanted to give you a couple ways to purchase one or both of my books (or other products).

Why do I want a store? Well, my readers can buy either of these books on Amazon or most other websites. In the past, many readers have asked for signed copies as gifts for loved ones. Others just want to get a book ASAP and cannot wait for Prime Delivery. And, of course, there are those wonderful people who do not want big corporations (as much as we need them) taking every single penny for themselves so they buy directly from the creator. Aren't these people great?

Here is how you can pick up
one or both of these books:

and, of course...

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