Sunday, October 4, 2020


I have some exciting news to announce. I also need your help.

I have completed my second book entitled Sunday Mornings with Coffee: Time and Space Retrospective. The past year I have been working on a couple different projects, one of which is a collection of blogs I have written over the past four years. I have polished them for publication and created a thoughtful retrospective for each collection of years.

I am excited to release Sunday Mornings with Coffee this November (fingers crossed), but I want to include YOU in the book as well. Yes, many people who have read the blog have also been part of the posts I have written, but I have this cool idea for something else, something special to me and, hopefully, you.

I have received so much encouragement over the years about the blog. Through writing the retrospective, I realized how blessed I am to have family, friends, students, and peers who appreciate the messages I have included in my posts. Knowing that someone enjoys your creations is a joy to any artist. 

I would love to include you directly in the book. If you would like to appear in a comment section of Sunday Mornings with Coffee, please consider writing a couple sentences about the Time and Space blog itself over the past four years. Maybe you would even share some thoughts about a specific blog that moved or inspired you. My goal is to include as many of these throughout the book as possible.

Where can you share these comments?
  • You can email them to me at
  • You can share them by commenting on this blog post directly.
  • You can even share your comment with the blog on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • If you know my phone number, you can even text me.

When do I need them?

I do have a deadline I desperately want to meet and will not add any comments after Monday, October 12th.

Many of you have welcomed me into your lives and shared your experiences with me. For that, I am eternally grateful.  I hope you accept this as my way of saying "thank you" as well as inviting you to be a part of an important milestone in my life.

With love, 



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  1. Still a little bit of a nerd in my old age,I have enjoyed your teaching posts over the years because they inspire me. You always make me want to be a better teacher. You remind me to be creative, to have fun, even when teaching college kids. The Thanksgiving hands activity was one you shared with me years ago, and I totally stole it from you from that moment on. Students always loved it! So, your post about that activity speaks to me.

    I also LOVED the one about "Out with the Old" (or something like that), as you described your old gym bag and somehow included your trip to the WVU women's soccer game against Duke. Boy, we had soo much fun that night!! Did you know that was the beginning of a record-breaking season for that Duke team -- 19 consecutive wins? That was WVU's first loss at home in about three years! I remember being soo nervous before that game because we were not expected to win, but you met Kelly and me at that amazing pizza place, and we had the best pre-game meal and fun! So that was a fun post that brought back such wonderful memories for this retired soccer mom.

    However, my all-time favorite post is the one about Ranger and his slow walk...Lordy, that one still gets me. After all the life experiences we have shared and discussed, that one resonates so much. The way you described Ranger during your move from Wilson to Wheeling, the way you described his slow walk as an old boy...That was some good writing, A.J. What is it about dogs? I wish people could be more like them.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on so many subjects over the years, and thank you for always inspiring me and making me better. ❤️