Sunday, September 16, 2018


I disappeared from blog writing this past summer to spend a rewarding amount of time finishing a personal project I started back in the summer of 2017. For the longest time I have been revisiting my first year teaching at Central Catholic High School after spending over two decades teaching in North Carolina. I had a calling to return to those memories from 2012-2013 to find answers to questions I was asking about myself, teaching, and life. This effort became quite the odyssey so I am not sure how many answers I actually discovered, but I believe I have something special to show for all of this hard work.

Now I would like to share my discoveries with you.

I have completed a book entitled My Corner of the World: Life Lessons from the Classroom. This book is the result of my efforts to make some sense out of the changes I experienced in my life during that period of time. I am sure that many of the life lessons I have learned will resonate with the variety of readers of my blog.

Right now I am putting the final touches on the book while listening to the thoughts and words of some trusted beta-readers who are taking time out of their lives to lend me a helping hand in this labor of love. My goal in the coming weeks is to set a specific release date for middle to late October. 

I will keep you posted with notifications of the release date and the locations where you can find the book. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I complete this final stage. I do have a tendency to obsess over small details for endless periods of time. I am sure my family and friends know this all too well. 😁

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